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“Bringing up Kimberly”

It was the first of July in nineteen hundred and seventy two
My baby girl was born on that day and let me tell you
She was a beautiful little thing only weighing four pounds
The prettiest in the nursery, how cliche that probably sounds

Her hair was so blonde it was almost white and satiny soft
Her big eyes of brown her smile so bright I remember that oft
When I went home from the hospital she still had to stay
She was so small that she could not go home on that day

She was born very healthy but just a itty bitty little thing
The joy, the laughter, the love to me that she would bring
As she began to walk and talk she was such a polite child
I couldn’t imagine that she would grow up so silly and wild

She loved it when her grandmother would rock her and sing
She would sit for hours with her on the old porch swing
If Kim would get upset at grandma and begin to cry
Grandma would sing, “Sweet a baby angel di lalla cake a pie”

The “weeble” was her favorite toy we bought it downtown
Because “weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”
To this very day her nickname is “weeble” which she hates
It seemed like overnight she grew up and going on dates

Now she is all grown up but she is still my little girl today
She is still my BABY GIRL in a very special way
We grew up together that’s what I always say to her
We laugh together every day she is just getting funnier

There were times when all we had were only each other
I am so proud for her to be my child and I to be her mother
All I want for her is true love and lifelong happiness
I am so glad to have her and I pray May God Bless !

dedicated to my little girl Kimberly Gean

by Trina K Kiser

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